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5 Rules To Get A Cool And Effortless Outfit

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

I have the feeling that my wardrobe is empty; the fact is that it is complete and excessive. But I find it challenging to combine my clothes in my closet. Sometimes, I think the reason is that I wear these items hundreds of times. When I feel uninspired, I have my magic rules. The five rules to get a kick-ass outfit with just simple sneakers in a flash.

Rule number One is “Pay a lot of attention to the Fit!”

It can be intriguing to purchase new stuff, especially clothing – especially on sale. Not good! And believe me, that Oversized is a Trendy excuse is not correct. Oversize is not always look good. It can make you look sloppy. Wearing clothes with the best fit for your body is already 90% of the work done. OK, maybe 70% instead of 90%.

Rule number Two is “When in doubt, Go For Monochrome.”

Wearing the same colour palette or quickly saying ‘Monochrome outfit’ is comfortable and looks more chic and clean. I am wearing a combination of high-street brands and medium to high-end brands, simply in black on black.

Rule number Three is “The Extras.”

Finding the perfect body wash or shower gel will give you the ideal start for the day. This is because the ingredients in these products will help to soothe and moisturize your skin. Furthermore, the scent will give you a rush of confidence-boosting oils. This is especially important during winter when your skin can dry and damaged. Whether in your 20s or 80s, you want to feel young and fresh this season. That is why body washes with fragrances are a perfect addition to your shaving routine.

Rule number Four is “Choose Wisely from the Start!”

Next, to fit the clothing, it is essential to pay close attention to the pieces' material or detail. The clothes you are buying must at least go for some years. Buying clothes which are ‘wear once, throw next’ is so bad for the environment and your wallet.

Rule five is “Dare to get a touch-up with make-up.”

Yes, you heard me, OK! You can wear make-up, especially when your skin is like mine, troubled skin. I am in my first phase of experimenting with wearing make-up, such as this War Paint for Men Foundation. I do it every day, and the funny thing is that I love to do it, even though I suck on m.

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