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How I Easily Transform My Living Room with Ambient Lounge® 

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Just a couple of months ago, I decided to take a challenge on trying to transform and re-decorate our living room only by changing the sofa. Yes, only the sofa without any other additional interior items and moving other pieces of furniture as minimal as possible. I am excited when Ambient Lounge® jumped in and decided to work together with me on this project. The company will provide me with sofas from their newest collection; The Soft Modular Revolution sofas.

This collection is a soft modular lounge solution with 8 set sizes choices, pre-filled with high-density beads, soft but sturdy, premium fabrics and a quilted interior that will keep the shape. The sofa will also be safe for the family because of the soft edging, made of fire-resistant materials, easy clean and with the YKK locking zips the beads can’t be accessed by adventurous toddlers.

The other important part I love about this sofa system is; with the four components available, I can configure, add & arrange the sofa to suit my personal and unique space.

Let’s take a look at how the Ambient Lounge® soft modular revolution changes my living room.

about ambient lounge®

Ambient Lounge® is a Worldwide company and recognised brand, focusing on industry leadership and groundbreaking innovation within the soft furniture category.

The group have successfully transformed the humble (and often maligned) bean bag into inspiring and fashionable designer furniture; inventing and patenting the Funnelweb™ bean filling zip & tip transfer system along the way.

Each Ambient Lounge style and fabric was created by award-winning Australian designers with a passion for funky, functional and affordable furniture. Customers and critics agree that Ambient Lounge® bean bags are a paradigm shift in the evolution of bean bags; creating a unique style that has found its way into designer clubs, cafes, penthouses and luxury apartments – as well as student dorms, guesthouses, and everyday living spaces.

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