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The collaboration between Maharishi and G-Shock has resulted in the creation of a genuinely exceptional limited-edition G-Shock watch. G-Shock's innovative printing technology sets this particular timepiece apart, which pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

The new watch model showcases Maharishi's intricate DPM print with unprecedented detail. This level of precision is evident in the watch strap and case, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation. The watch's design, aptly named the Lunar Bonsai, perfectly complements the complexity of Maharishi's patterns, making it a standout piece in the world of horology.

The Spring/Summer 2014 collection draws its inspiration from the Maharishi culture Pacifist Prepper, delving deep into the intriguing concept of the "lunar effect". Embracing the principles of biodynamic agriculture, this collection highlights the significance of water energy and the moon's position in agricultural practices. The belief that aligning planting and harvesting activities with lunar phases can enhance crop yields by up to 30% compared to conventional organic farming methods underscores the practicality and sustainability of this approach, especially for those striving for complete self-sufficiency like the Preppers.

Central to this collection is a moon-inspired print that adorns a watch designed to cater to the needs of a true Pacifist Prepper. The watch not only showcases a striking lunar motif but also boasts a range of functional features essential for survivalists. From automatic LED lighting for optimal visibility during lunar observations to shock resistance and 20-bar water resistance for durability in any environment, this timepiece is a reliable companion for the modern-day Prepper. Additionally, the inclusion of World Times functionality ensures that the wearer is well-equipped to navigate global challenges with ease.

In the realm of the Pacifist Prepper, the intricate interplay between celestial bodies and earthly elements holds profound significance. The conviction that the positions of the moon and other planets exert powerful electromagnetic influences on both the natural world and human life underscores the holistic approach adopted by these individuals. By incorporating these cosmic principles into their agricultural and lifestyle practices, the Preppers seek to harness the forces of nature for sustainable living and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

GD X6900MH will be available from May at selected dealers. Selling price: €169.

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