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Repotting Philodendron Dragon – using moss pole

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Hello friends, That was a long pause for me. But here you go, Philodendron Dragon repotting video from me for you. In these difficult times, I choose to focus on myself first and being less on social media and editing videos are helping me a lot. But hey, the show must go on. So, here is another repotting video from me. I hope you are all doing fine, and please be safe.

Philodendron Golden Dragon has a large gold mottled leaf and is a fast-climbing variety. The mottling may come and go; however, this Philodendron is well worth growing for its large mask-like deep green leaves.

Philodendron is easy to grow plants that perform best when grown in a well-draining potting mix like our aroids potting mix. Water your Philodendron Golden Dragon when the top 3 cm of soil is dry, and group it with other plants to raise the humidity around it.

Size: this plant is in a 15 cm pot and about 35 cm tall, measuring from the pot. It comes in a plastic nursery pot.

Care Tips:

Light: bright, indirect sunlight

Water: when the top 3 cm of soil is dry to touch

Humidity: Average

Soil: well-draining potting mix, like our aroid mix

WARNING: all Philodendrons are toxic to animals when ingested.


▶ ▶ Music: Music by Ashton Edminster – Break the Distance –

▶ ▶ My Gears: Sony A7 Mark III | Sony 85mm f/1.8 Lens | DJI Mavic Air White | Canon M50: Velbon EX-440 Tripod, Black | Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod | DJI Osmo Pocket | Falcon Eyes RingLight | alternative here: Bresser Studio Daylight | alternative here: FotoPro X4i-E Tripod | alternative here: Apple iPhone 11 Pro |

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