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Setting Yourself Apart With Your Professional Attire

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Workplace fashion is becoming more important than ever before. As the fanciest garments become increasingly accessible, more and more pressure is being put on those who work in these places to wear clothing that fits the trends. Of course, though, sticking to the same options as everyone else isn’t a great way to make yourself stand out. This post will be exploring some routes which will give you the chance to break the mould and to help you to discover some easy tricks which can step up your workwear game. This article is the first step in setting yourself apart with your professional attire for success.

Get Inspired

Getting yourself started with something like this is going to take some research and inspiration. Many people find it hard to choose styles which they haven’t seen people wearing, but you won’t want to use those around you for this. Instead, websites like Pinterest and Instagram are much better sources for your ideas. You shouldn’t copy what other people do. However, you can make their ideas unique to you while also combining the work of several people, creating a style which no one else will match. It’s usually worth talking to those closest to you about your styles before taking the plunge.

Go Bespoke

When most people buy their clothing for work, they will go to their nearest clothing store. The items which you find in places like this will rarely fit nicely, though, and this makes them look out of place in a professional space. Custom made shirts, trousers, and other elements of your attire can be obtained easily. There are a lot of bespoke formalwear companies offering options that are appropriate for work.


It’s easy to ignore the accessories which come along with your outfit. Especially if you don’t think about this in your normal clothing. Watches, jewellery, and a huge range of other accessories can be worn at work, though it’s worth making sure that you’re not too flashy, as this will start to push you in the wrong direction. Instead, you should aim for tasteful items, with just enough for people to notice that you’ve put in the effort.

All About The Hair

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about your hair. Whether you’re a man or a woman, your hair will be a major element in your professional look. Men will also have to think about their facial hair. For guys, keeping yourself trimmed and groomed nicely should be plenty. Ladies, though, can have a little more fun with this, with medium and long hair providing an excellent canvas for fresh ideas.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to step up your workwear game. Many people struggle with this, finding their formal outfits to be uncomfortable and annoying to wear for long periods. Of course, though, as time goes on, it should get easier to make smart purchases and choose clothing that will make the others in your office want to mimic your style.

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