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Visiting Copenhagen For The First Timer

When visiting a city for a city break, the best time you will ever experience is when you dare to go off the beaten track. I understand that there are famous places such as monuments or shopping streets you must visit. In this visual diary from Copenhagen, I want to give you a little insight into the off-the-beaten-track of Copenhagen.

But, Shhhh! Don't tell me quickly about these secret places in Copenhagen! You have seen The Little Mermaid, which filled a notable night in Tivoli. Your pictures were taken together with the royal guards at Amalienborg Palace. It's time to explore the secret gems of the city. With this guide to Copenhagen's best-kept places, head off the beaten tracks and encounter the heart of the town.

The Royal Library Garden

Nestled within the grounds of Christiansborg Palace, the official residence of the Danish Parliament, is The Royal Library Garden. This tranquil green oasis provides a retreat from the bustling city and is accessible through the gates of Parliament Square. The garden features meticulously landscaped greenery, serene pathways, and a peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect place to unwind and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings amidst the historic setting.

A peaceful coffee

Back at the Design Museum Danmark (Kunstindustrimuseet) on Bredgade lies the little Grønnegård yard. It is an excellent place to take a pause from the sights and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Museum Café. The Skydebanehaven in the Vesterbro area is hidden behind large brick walls initially built to protect passers-by from stray bullets! Previously a place for the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society, this is a children's play park.

A private-public garden

Classens Have, in Østerbro, seems, at first sight, like a secret garden, but luckily, you may enjoy it too! Access to this comfortable and intimate public garden is on Classensgade.  Resting place of Hans Christian Andersen


Wander near the charming canal streets called Overgaden Neden Vandet and Overgaden Oven Vandet. Lined with yachts and houseboats, you can hire rowing boats and drink in the café on the water.

The Meatpacking District

Halmtorvet is a charming cobbled square lined with cafés in Vesterbro. You can also access Øksnehallen, an alternative exhibition centre, and The Meatpacking District (Kødbyen). Once the daily stop-off for the meat trade, this popular area is now the city's hottest place to eat and booze.

Subterrene Museum

Cisternerne is an exceptional museum in Søndermarken, near the stunning Frederiksberg Gardens. It is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary glass art, focusing on pieces from Denmark and various other regions. The museum provides an immersive and experimental experience, allowing visitors to engage with and appreciate the beauty and innovation of modern glass art in a captivating setting.

Kayak tours of the city

Embark on a unique and personalized kayak tour of the city, led by experienced guides who will cater to your specific preferences. Explore enchanting hidden gems along your journey and have the flexibility to select the duration of your adventure.

City alleys

Wander through the enchanting old centre of Copenhagen, where picturesque narrow pathways offer the perfect setting for strolls and capturing beautiful photographs. Take your time to explore the charming streets of Strøget and Læderstræde, and don't forget to watch for some of the city's best boutiques that line the way.

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