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Beach Holiday in The Mountains

Cool off this summer at the mountain lakes in Savoie Mont Blanc

The temperatures in Europe are rising at unprecedented heights, and the advice is to ensure sufficient cooling these weeks. In the French region of Savoie Mont Blanc, (Dutch) holidaymakers do this summer in large numbers around the 4 great lakes of the area: Lac Léman, Lac d’Annecy, Lac du Bourget and Lac d’Aiguebelette. With these 4 lakes – each with its own character – an average water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and 89 beaches, the region is a perfect destination for a ‘beach holiday’ in the mountains.

Cooling mountain air

With the high temperatures this summer, also in the Savoie Mont Blanc region. Fortunately, the mountain air brings some freshness to the beaches, and its holidaymakers have happily opted for a holiday by the lakes instead of by the sea. As in the coastal towns, most of the 89 beaches at Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), Lac d’Aiguebelette, Lac du Bourget and Lac d’Annecy are freely accessible and with plenty of facilities for a relaxing day of fresh air on the water. A radiant sun, the emerald water and the light beaches suggest that you are further away from home – in tropical spheres and that only a short 1,000 km from Utrecht.

Beach life

“Life is better at the beach”, or life is better on the beach. Similarly in Savoie Mont Blanc. Although in the middle of the mountains, beach life can be found here. Water lovers brave the wave on a sub-board, and the wind blows the big yachts in the sails at Lac Léman. On the boulevard of Lac du Bourget, roller skaters and cyclists take a break to look at the kitesurfers who improve their skills and at Lac d’Annecy training sessions are offered by wakeboard experts. As soon as dusk falls, the electro evenings start at Oxxy Beach, a Californian base camp on the beach of Châtaigneraie and the ‘beachgoers’ gather for dinner on the water like at Novalaise Plage. On the menu: fresh fish catch.

Savoie Mont Blanc covers no less than two-thirds of the French Alps. It is the umbrella name of the French departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. The area is home to 112 ski resorts that are among the best in the world. That means endless descents, majestic snowy peaks and wintry vistas. In addition to being a winter sports paradise, Savoie Mont Blanc is also beautiful in the summer season. Beautiful walks, challenging cycling routes, luxury spas and grandiose gorges.

There is something for every type of holidaymaker.

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