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Five Reasons to Visit Bangkok

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

My first trip to Bangkok, Thailand, will always be remembered as one of the year's highlights. I spent the night in a recently opened hotel in this Thai city. A hotel on the other side of the Chao Phraya River combines comfort with modern design, from the lobby to the rooftop restaurant and poolside bar. The riverbank is where the Avani+ experience is. Newly developed tourism sites. This travelogue is focused on living a luxurious lifestyle, which isn't always determined by how much money you spend. The experience is pricey on its own.

1. A good rest tailored for each unique individual.

Being one big tourist city in the world, Bangkok has established itself to be a perfect place for every type of tourist who wants to visit this mesmerising city with lots of culture and styles. So even though you are a backpacker or luxury traveller, this town will have an excellent place to rest and unwind tailored for each unique individual.

2. Rooftop swimming pools

When travelling, the swimming pool is an essential hotel feature that helps me decide. The hotel rooftop pool of the Indigo Hotel Bangkok, an IHG and Avani Riverside, Bangkok, are the perfect place for the best view of the cityscape and the river. Nothing is better than writing articles in a poolside chair or reading my favourite magazines in the pool bar with a sip of a sweet cocktail. A classic view of the Bangkok cityscape from the pool is Instagram-worthy, day and night. So my choice will always be a rooftop swimming pool, especially the infinity pool, which will give you memorable pool days. For example, the Avani Hotel is new and has a fantastic infinity pool.

3. City of beautiful temples

Bangkok is well-known for its beautiful temples. There are many choices, such as Wat Phra Kaew, the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, and Wat Saket is the temple where you can visit the unmistakable golden Chedi of ‘Phu Khao Thong’or the Golden mountain and many more.

Do not forget to visit three of the most unusual Buddhist temples in Bangkok: Wat Trimitr with its invaluable Golden Buddha (5 tons of solid gold). Wat Po the most extensive temple in Bangkok, with its colossal Reclining Buddha and the Chedis of the Kings.

4. Parisian chic in Bangkok

While a perfect room and bed are made perfectly, excellent cuisine is necessary. Designed with the classy classic French Bistro ambience in mind, Café Claire and Paul Maison De Qualité offer both European and Thai cuisine and an afternoon tea with more than 20 TWG gourmet teas select. Only two best things can remind me of the beauty of Paris in a far east country, homemade macaroons and a glass of champagne.

5. Foods

Foods or Thai Cuisines are not the slightest reason for you to visit this city. Go crazy, eat cheap on the streets or in restaurants where locals eat, expensive and chic restaurants with their fusion cuisine, or go to a mall and have a meal at Thai franchise restaurants. Think like KFC or Mc Donalds but with delicious, fresh and healthy Thai foods.

Haven’t you been to Bangkok before? You better plan it soon.

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