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Hiking Paradise with Four Seasons in One Day

Five walking routes along the coast and in the mountains

The island of Las Palmas is one of the seven Canary Islands. The island is perhaps smaller than its ‘brothers and sisters but is excellent for walking. The temperature taps on average 23 degrees all year round and it never gets scorching, making it good weather on Las Palmas every day. And because of the mountainous landscape and the differences in altitude, you walk every day through four seasons. From recreational day-trippers to seasoned hikers, the 1,000 kilometres of signposted walking routes offer something for everyone. You walk through laurel forests, on volcanic slopes or along large ravines in the north of the island.

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We selected five different hiking and hiking trails on Las Palmas:

1. The colourful Volcanoes route

Las Palmas is known for its volcanoes and unique black sand beaches. During a walking holiday on the island, the Vulkanenroute cannot be missed. The best time to walk this route is the beginning of the summer. Then the cloverleaf (Lotus hillebrandii) is in full bloom, and the landscape colours bright yellow flowers, a feast for the eyes in combination with the green Canarian pine trees and the black volcanic landscape. Here is an active holidaymaker, you can also count on breathtaking views and rocky, dramatic scenes.

2. 35 kilometres through the mountains

The Rim Route runs through the highest part of La Palma, around the ‘rim’ of the National Park. Walking from Roque de Los Muchachos to the Refugio del Pilar Leisure Area (El Paso) you will be treated to the most beautiful views on both sides of the island. The total distance is 35, and the entire journey takes about 10 hours. The route leads, among other things, past the Tagador (meeting point from earlier times) and unusually shaped pine trees. Hikers and hikers who opt for this challenging path can count on different weather conditions: the mountainous landscape regularly brings snow, fog and strong winds. The Rim Route is the second part of the GR13 long-distance path, which runs all over the island.

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3. Dragon trees and architecture

Hikers and nature lovers get their hearts on with the ‘Tricias – Buracas’ route that leads to the unique Buracas dragon trees. The road passes through particular parts of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, along with beautiful examples of Canarian architecture. Many hikers describe this route as an energetic one. A magical route where you can fully charge your battery.

4. Walking through fairytale laurel forests

The ‘La Zarza – Cruz del Gallo’ walking tour is shorter than most other routes but leads straight through the most beautiful laurel forests on the island. Caldera del Agua and La Zarza are two impressive locations that you will encounter along the way. Although many adventurers follow this route, there is a sense of silence, accompanied by the sound of rippling water, wind blowing through the branches and whistling birds.

5. To the heart of the National Park

The ‘La Caldera’ walking and hiking route [PR LP 13] is a semi-heavy route that takes walkers to the heart of the National Park and finally to the Angustias Ravine. The route starts in Llanos de Aridane and ends – after 28 kilometres in the legs – again in the same place. A description and map of ‘La Caldera’ can be found on the website The most popular part of the route is the stretch from Mirador de Los Brecitos to the parking lot at La Viña. From the starting point Los Brecitos, the hike to the National Park takes about 1.5 hours. After a refreshing dip in the cold running water near the local campsite, you can go ‘downhill’ for four hours and then return to La Viña.

Extra tip: walking on Las Palmas de Gran Canarias means walking through different landscapes and different ‘seasons’. So a creatively packed suitcase is half the job.

About Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias is the most northwestern island of the seven Canary Islands. It is a unique holiday destination because of its versatile and breathtaking nature and the unspoiled volcanic landscape. The island is a paradise for hikers and adventurers who like to venture out. The island is also recommended for travellers who are looking for peace: mass tourism has not yet penetrated.

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