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Omah Apik Pejeng, Ubud is The Place to Stay

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Every time I visit Bali, often I mixed my stays in places that can offer me tranquillity and the ultimate ease feeling. Even though there are many places in busy areas of Bali that will be able to provide me with those, Ubud is my number one choice followed by Nusa Dua. During my visit to Bali this year, I stayed two nights at Omah Apik, the place to stay in Ubud.

Travelling to Omah Apik took approximately 1,5 hours from the busy area of Seminyak. Going up through the main road heading up to Ubud and before I realised, I see that my surrounding changed to even greener. I think that is why I love Ubud so much. Going further up the streets and entering the small village-like streets before I ended at the parking lot of Omah Apik. Travelling from Legian street to Omah Apik with a taxi will cost up to €20,- which I consider quite cheap compared to a 1,5 – 2 hours drive in a cab in Europe.

Contact Jl. Kenyem Bulan, Banjar Pande, Desa Pejeng, Kecamatan Tampak Siring, Gianyar, Pejeng, Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 Phone number: +62 (0361) 944324

Tip of the day: Download the Gojek App to minimised your transportation cost in Indonesia. Yes, you can pay in cash!

Warm welcome

Through the traditional carved wooden doors, I entered the small path which goes around the majestic Beringin tree and leads me to the friendly and comfortable lobby where a warm welcome is offered. All I can think of, why we can’t get the same warm welcome in every accommodation we are visiting?

A little bit about the name “Omah Apik.”

If you understand the Javanese language, the meaning of the name is translated merely to Beautiful House. The word ‘Omah’ means house and the word ‘Apik’ means beautiful, tidy, excellent or good heart. The accommodation also reflects the word Apik through their involvement in the close community and beyond. I will get back to it later.

Connect & Educate

Omah Apik hosts two events regularly; Fascinating Rhythm and Clean Bali Series. You can find the upcoming events from Omah Apik on their Facebook Events page.

“Fascinating Rhythm” is an event that connects and educate the community through music and rhythm. It is a free workshop where you also can bring your instrument to play together. It is open to the public and if you don’t play an instrument, enjoy and dance to the music. When I was there, I was late for the workshop but just in time to enjoy 30 minutes of lively collaborative rhythm by Kim So Ra, Nita Aartsen & the Asia Peace Film Fest. Such a great experience.

The second event is the Clean Bali Series which is a series of educational workshops to prepare this generation and future generations to be better prepared for and better able to make educated and informed decisions when dealing with present and future pollution issues.

My stays

I enjoyed my visits to Omah Apik. The overall feeling and ambience are spot on. I am almost lost entirely and feels like I am home instead of a hotel or retreat. The Sawah overlooking swimming pool and garden provide that tranquillity I need after the hectic busy life in Europe. The room I stayed in was on the second floor of the right-wing of the property. The right and left wings are separated by the majestic Beringin tree, lobby area, spacious garden and breakfast area. The shower room is clean and rustic, I am expected and prefer to have an outdoor bathroom regarding the style of the accommodation. But that is just a very little detail of my individual preference. Surprisingly the bed sheets are clean! I can’t say the same for even some five stars hotels I have been visiting the last few years.

I truly recommend you this sanctuary in Ubud for your easy getaway in Bali.

Book Omah Apik directly here or via Expedia.

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