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The Best Road Trips in The US

Taking road trips in the US is becoming a more and more popular style of travel for people venturing into the country of red, white, and blue. It’s not surprising that exploring the states on four wheels (or two, depending on your preferred mode of transport) has gained popularity over the years. With so many routes to take, places to visit and experiences to be had, a road trip is the ultimate liberating way to get around. Luckily, New York travel company AllTheRooms has narrowed down a list of the best road trips in the good USA, so all you need to do is get the car ready.

Route 66, Chicago to Los Angeles

It’s not possible to talk about road trips in the US without mentioning the super famous Route 66. This route spans 2,500 miles and takes travellers from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles, with plenty of stops in between. Visit St. Louise nestled along the western bank of the Mississippi — the perfect opportunity to see this broad river. Marvel at the landscapes of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amarillo, and Tucumcari. Blare some tunes through Albuquerque, Holbrook and Flagstaff. And once you finally reach the magnificent Grand Canyon, have your camera ready to take photos of the spectacular views. Be sure to take advantage of getting out of the car and walk around soaking the environment in, or even take a helicopter ride over the Canyon. Once you’ve had your Grand Canyon fix, stop in Las Vegas, the home of gambling, bright lights and adventure.

It’s essential throughout your journey that you take regular breaks and are well-rested.

When you get to Oklahoma, check out some of the excellent luxury accommodation available. Echo Canyon Spa Resort was voted the Best Hotel in Oklahoma by MSN, the popular online news site. It’s a fantastic option for those looking to take a break from driving on a long road trip in the US. Choose from a range of rooms; from suites, cabins or cottages, you are covered. Similarly, in Vegas, there are so many luxury accommodation options, it’s hard to commit to just one! Try The Palazzo, The Venetian, Caesars Palace or the Wynn.

Atlanta to Georgia

Atlanta to Georgia may not seem like the most exciting road trip in the US, but it offers a great selection of shorter routes for those who may not have the time or money to commit to a 3,00-mile journey across the country. There are plenty of fantastic places to stay in Georgia, and if you fancy a little luxury paired with adventure at your accommodation, you could always try your hand at glamping.

One of the great road trips to take from Atlanta to Georgia sees travellers heading to the adorable town of Helen. It’s only an 87-mile drive northeast of Atlanta, which should take just under two hours. Among the mountains of north Georgia, you’ll find Helen, an extremely photogenic Germantown and the perfect place to celebrate Oktoberfest — or if it’s not October, the ideal place to enjoy an authentic German beer nonetheless. Helen is packed with quaint shops and eateries, and be sure to sample the wine produced from local vineyards during your stay. Remember to drink responsibly and never consume alcohol when you’re planning to drive.

Great River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana

One of the best scenic road trips in the US is the Great River Road, otherwise known as the River Road. It spans from the north to the south of the Mississippi River and allows road trippers to catch a glimpse of the ten states that border the Mississippi. Stretching 3,00 miles on a single route, the rich history of the river and stunning natural beauty on display throughout the journey is well worth the fuel cost alone.

Wisconsin and Iowa are some of the first states to pass through on the Great River Road route, and passengers can take in the hilly terrain that both states boast. Discover more about the brewing heritage of Wisconsin and if you fancy a quick stop, head to the town of Potosi and visit The National Brewery Museum. Elsewhere, Iowa is the perfect place to jump on a Mississippi tour boat — a great way to learn more about the River you’ll be driving next to for the duration of the journey.

Head further South, through Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas, where we highly recommend stopping for some Southern soul food — trust us, you’ll be feeling energised after. The last two stops are then Mississippi and Louisiana. While in Louisiana, head of the musical city of New Orleans.

The French Quarter has incredible bars, music spots, and street parties. If you’re looking to stay in some of the best hotels in the Big Easy, check in to Soniat House, a romantic Inn, located in the heart of the city.

Sage Fitzpatrick is a travel blogger currently living in London. She can be found drinking tea, reading and travelling the world. When she’s not going, she spends her time blogging about her travels over at A Virtual Postcard.

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