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The Travellers Essentials

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Travelling is one of the greatest things you can do. Not only does it expose you to new environments and cultures, but it also expands your mind and heart. Every time you travel, close or far, you go on a little adventure. And all adventurers, big or small, need to be prepared. Here are some of the traveller's essentials – must-haves for travellers/adventurers everywhere.

The Jacket

Every seasoned traveller/adventurer needs a good travel jacket. We aren’t necessarily talking wintery coats here (although if you are travelling somewhere Baltic, please pack one), but a light jacket always comes in handy. It could be just that extra layer of clothes to get some insulations going or something to roll up to use as a pillow. It could be to shield you from colder weather conditions, it could be to get more comfortable in airports and stations. Invest in a good jacket, and you’ll find it to be your best companion on your travels.

The Shoes

A traveller/adventurer also needs to make sure he has the right shoes. With going long distances usually comes a decent amount of walking. Making sure you have the right shoes goes a long way. This is about fit, performance, and weight. Of course, the shoes need to fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Keep in mind that feet swell when walking on all day. They also need to be able to perform under the conditions you plan to use them. If you’re planning on hiking off-road, sturdiness is vital. If you are planning to explore a city, get them comfortable. Weight is an important factor often overlooked when trying on new shoes. Heavier shoes might become a strain when the day gets on. Good shoes are definitely worth the time and investment to get right.

The Bag

A good travelling bag or, for the adventurer, a good backpack should be part of your core package. In most cases, you will have to consider the size. And although it’s tempting to go for large at any cost, buying bags that are too large will become cumbersome. Finding the right bag is really about trying to restrict yourself. After all, you will be lugging it around. For regular travelling, a good hold-all is a good idea, but do consider the good looks versus the way you will have to carry it around. Something ‘over your shoulder’ usually brings more comfort. If you don’t mind the look, backpacks are generally a better way to go. The concept of carrying things close to yourself, having your hands free, and not having to worry that things will slide off, will make travelling that much more enjoyable.

The Level Up

Once a traveller/adventurer has gotten all the basics down, it might be time to level up. We are talking about the way you travel. Try pod hotels, two or even single prop planes, go on a train travelling a classic route. What about finding a hidden beach somewhere new? Ditch the Lonely Planet books and let your feet take you places. Be more daring and ditch hotels altogether and hook up one of the beautiful camper trailers to your classy or rugged car and go find your adventure. The world is out there waiting for you to conquer it.

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