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Experience the Best Ubud Accommodation at Ubud Padi Villas

Our trip wish list includes getting away from the crowds. We needed some alone time after the past couple of busy years, so we decided to return to Ubud, Bali's higher terrain.

I came across the Ubud Padi Villas while looking for a place to call "home." The reservation process was simple, and I appreciate that Ubud Padi Villas offers PayPal as a payment method. Additionally, I want to thank Mega Putra and Eka for their warm communication before our visit.

Each of the seven villas at Ubud Padi Villas is visible from the typical rice fields, where you can also observe people working. Each villa has its own swimming pool and lounge area. If desired, tours of the Rice Fields and river can be arranged. I did this a lot when I was a kid and lived near rice fields in Java.

After a pleasant ride in our private car shuttle from the airport and a buggy car down a narrow alley to the villas, we were warmly welcomed with the words, "Welcome to your vacation home!"

The word "home" alone erases all distances. You can tell right away that you're not in a hotel. Your villa might be there. There are a lot of welcoming and helpful employees at "Home."

After the cordial greeting, there were cool welcome drinks and, of course, foot massages. After settling into our villa and eating a late lunch (the flight was delayed, so not cool! ), we postponed getting our massage. In addition, we reserved a 60-minute traditional Balinese body massage to be performed in your room or on a gazebo by the pool throughout our stay. We had two rooms to stay in—one had a gazebo, and the other did not. The weather was too warm to receive my massage outside; I did it inside an air-conditioned space. I feel at ease, especially after taking a warm bath and shower in our well-kept, roomy outside bathroom.

The majority of our time was spent swimming and tanning in our pool. Delicious in-room breakfasts are promptly brought in the morning. Fill out the breakfast form and note the hour is required. I almost can't stop Instagramming anything since I love this location so much (see more images from my two-night getaway here). Truly, it is one of the best Ubud accommodations I have ever been to.

One of the better areas of Bali for a cultural vacation is Ubud, which offers a variety of dance performances and tours to other parts of the island that can be booked directly with Komang (one of the receptionists), a Balinese woman we interacted with frequently while there. We had previously taken tours and attended dancing performances. So we made the most of our villa with a private pool. We took a short stroll to the centre of Ubud to browse the shops and stop by Starbucks (I know!). It's nice that the villa offers free transportation in private vehicles to the heart of Ubud for all of its visitors.

On the last night of our stay, we also had a special candlelight dinner for two in a gazebo in the central garden, full of candlelight and flowers. So, these villas in Ubud are also great places for your honeymoon destination.

Location: Ubud Padi Villas, Ubud Bali

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